What we do

  • Sell JDD Rotary Pouch Machines built to our specifications. All electrical work, programming, testing and final mechanical adjustments done in our facility.

  • Sell new & rebuilt Triangle Package Machinery Scales & Bag Machines.

  • Service, Support, Parts, Rebuilds, and Installations.

  • Provide warranties on all of our equipment.

  • Custom training courses are provided on site or in our facility, ensuring a smooth transition for start of production.

  • Help increase your line efficiency and cut down on labour costs through system integration with custom fabrication for your new or existing lines. 

The history of JDD PACKAGING LTD.

  • Began working on packaging machinery in 1983
  • JDD has been certified service representatives for Triangle Package Machinery Company  since 1991. To this date we are still the only certified representatives in Canada.
  • JDD bought its first used Triangle Scale in 1998. The scale was completely rebuilt, and sold shortly thereafter.
  • In 1999, we moved to our first facility, where we were able to focus our time on rebuilding machinery.
  •  In April 2007 we decided to move to our own building, as we had outgrown what our first shop had to offer, and we now reside in a 3000 sq. ft. building. This has allowed us to further accommodate our growing need to have more variations of machinery available on hand at all times.With more available space we are able to perform trials runs to guarantee the machinery's ability, before it leaves our facility. 
  • In January 2014 we took over our complete building doubling our space to 6000 sq. ft. We now have a full showroom with: new and rebuilt machinery ready to sell.
  • In April 2019 JDD PACKAGING LTD. and Triangle Package Machinery Co. formally entered a partnership with Triangle representing: sales, service, training, and parts in the USA and Mexico further strengthening our position in the market.